Monday, March 18, 2013

Boating Safety, Things Change Over The Winter

It has been a long off season for fisherman on our local water. When heading out fishing for the first couple of times this Spring, boating safety should be one of your major considerations.  That's because things changed over the winter.

When you aren't on the water for several months, you don't see the changes that are happening to the river. Maybe the commercial fisherman ran some nets in a area that you always drive through. That Nor'easter could have raised the river level, moving trees from the banks to the channel that you drive in. It is even possible that the river's navigation markers have gotten moved by a barge. There are lots of different things that can happen along the river during the off season. All of these issue make boating dangerous for the first couple of trips in the Spring.

Going out on the river after a long Winter? Take your time, look around and take notice to your surroundings. Think boating safety, because a lot changed on the river over the Winter.