Friday, March 6, 2015

Long-Drawnout Winter Is Hard On Your Equipment

Here we are in early March, the weather continues to keep everyone from fishing the local waters. It either snows every other day or the rivers and bays are frozen, making going fishing is impossible. But remember that even though you are not using your boat, these long drawn-out winters are hard on you equipment.

Long stretches of not using your boat is always an issue, but long cold winters are even worst. I am going to give you a few items to check out on your rig and urge you to go back through older blogs we have posted for further details if needed. Ethanol always tops my list as it causes the most problems every spring for our customers. Get that old gas out before you run your boat this spring. Batteries are next on the list, remember that a charged battery can not freeze, charge your batteries at least once a month. Drain plug out and bow raised will keep the pumps from freezing and breaking over the winter from water that get into your bilge area. Boat covers, today as we recover from about a 10" snow fall yesterday, we have the guys in the shop out getting the snow off the boats on our lot. I know that the last thing you want to do when you finally get home from the hours long commute is to go out and remove the snow from your boat cover. Here is the problem with not getting the snow off your boat cover, it is easier to remove the snow right after it falls than it is after it has had a chance to freeze. When it melts a little, then refreezes it is really hard to remove. This is hard on the boat cover and you; it can also cause your windshields and seats to become damaged. When the water from the melting snow form into a small lake in your cover; I know that you have trouble not casting into it after the long winter of not fishing. That is the time to remove the water before it can freeze again and damage the seems in the cover.

I hope that these few items will allow you to have a trouble free first trip out if the weather ever cooperates and the snow melts, rivers and bay thaw. If not, you can always take a trip to Florida and fish the Big O for a week, man that sounds like a great ideas, Huh!!!