Thursday, August 1, 2013

High Tech Equipment on Bass Boats; Don't Let it Ruin the Fun

Today's bass boats have more hi tech equipment than an airplane of the not so distance past. Today's direct injection engines have more computing power than the Apollo spacecraft's. Bass anglers are using electronics that have so many features that listing them would make this a book, not a blog. Recently, I have dealt with several customers that became overwhelmed by using there electronics that it wrecked their day of fishing. Don't let hi tech gadgets wreck your fishing days, fishing is supposed to be fun.

I blame Apple's I Pad for all these problems; they do what people want them to do seamlessly. People's expectation is generally reached by Apple's products and customers feel that all electronics should be as easy and useful as there I Pads. You can learn to use an I Pad well in a couple of hours, but today's marine electronics take much longer to learn. Fact is, none of Apples products like water, if they get wet, you get to buy a new I Pad. They also do not have the capability of finding fish, charting your course, side & down imaging, setting your weigh points, showing your instrumentation or handling the rough conditions that your boat's electronics goes through. So if you take your easy to use I Pad fishing with you, chances are your become frustrated with it also.

Now that we have blamed Apple for all of our problems, let's talk about having fun fishing. Today's electronics are made to be useful in a variety of different applications, from off shore boats to kayaks. They are used by professionals to novices with different levels of experience. The key is to use the units to your level, while learning to increase your capabilities. Pros on the Tour fish for a living, they use their equipment every day and have years of doing so. Most local anglers have a job, that is what they do every day and fish when they can. Most units will make adjustments automatically for you when set to Auto Mode, use this mode and enjoy your day of fishing. If you want to get more out of your electronics; check out You Tube, your units manufacture web site, use a local guide to show you how to operate your unit. Then leave the rods at home, take the owner's manual with you and go play with your units. Pick whatever feature you want to learn on this trip and do nothing else, master that subject.  Do this a couple of times and you to will become an expert in the field of marine electronics.

 Today's electronics are great tools; they can help you catch more fish.  Don't try to learn how to use your electronics while going fishing. These are two different activities, one helps you get ready to do the other. If you are going fishing, go fishing, enjoy fishing.  Don't let your hi tech equipment wreck your fishing.