Monday, July 30, 2012

Boat Accessories; Do You Need Them or Just Want Them?

There are more boat accessories on the market today than ever before; items like power anchors, GPS, side imagining, trim tabs and the list goes on and on. Customers add these items to new and old boats at great expense. The real question is; do we really need all these new accessories or do we just want them?

Everyone, including myself, can't believe how much money is spent equipping bass boats today. We have people bringing in older bass boats and spend upwards of $10,000 on new equipment for their boat. We also have customers adding as much as $15,000 to up grade their new boat, new boats that have more and better equipment than ever before.It is amazing to me that anglers would spend so much money on items that anglers in the past did without.

Most of these accessories serve a purpose or give you additional information to make you a better angler. Power Poles can keep you on the fish and replace your regular anchor. How many of you ever carried a anchor in your bass boat, thought so. How about $3,500.00 side imagining depth finder with chart plotters and GPS. Really cool technology, but how many times have you heard of someone being lost on the Potomac and the Coast Guard going out to rescue them? Me either.

I myself have some of these accessories on my personal boats. I always seem to be able to convince myself that I need them, but in reality, I probably just want them. Some of our customers state that if they up grade their present boat they can keep it for another few years before buying a new rig, makes sense if their old boats equipment had failed. If their equipment was still working, like me, they probably just want those new hi tech goodies. Customer ordering new rigs with all the equipment is fine, just remember, if you ad $15,000 worth of goodies to a $500 jon boat, it will cost $15,500 for that jon boat.

The bottom line on these new hi tech accessories is that they are really cool to have and use. These accessories cost a lot to purchase and only you can decide if they are worth the additional dollars. The truth be told, Rick Clunn and many of the anglers of the past caught alot of big bass for a long time without these tools. If you can afford these items, cool go for it, if not, you will probably be just fine without them.

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Boating on the 4th of July? Be Careful

The 4th of July is a very popular day for boating here in the Washington D.C. area; but be careful if you go out on the Potomac River around DC.

Watching the 4th of July fireworks celebration in the Nations Capitol will make the hair on the back of your neck stand up, the experience is even better if you watch them from an boat on the Potomac River. Boating is great fun with friends anytime, but this is a special night every year on the river. If you are going to take advantage of this very special event, you should take some special precautions to keep you and your friends safe.

Many boats come out on the river early to get a good parking spot to watch the fireworks on the 4th. They load all their friends in the boat for a day of food, fun and partying. Nothing wrong with partying on the water as long as the captain of the boat takes control of everyone on the boat and refrains from partying. A long hot day on the water with to much alcohol puts everyone in danger. Even if your group is well behaved, you must take care to watch the other vessels around you that may not be well behaved. Heat is also a large concern of being out on the water all day, having cold water or sports drinks on board if someone starts to feel bad, then you should get them off the water if they continue to feel poorly. Sunblock is a must on the river also, burns only hurt for a couple of days but skin cancer is a serious concern over the long terms. I know I sounds like a bummer, but it is better to be safe and have fun than the alternative.

The most important thing to do if you are going to the Potomac River for the 4th of July is to have fun and be patient. Ramps will be crowded and lots of other boaters will be moving up and down the river. Take your time and enjoy the whole day. Be safe and have fun, maybe I will see you there. Happy Birthday America!!!