Monday, February 6, 2012

Fishing Flea Markets; More Than a Place to Buy Used Fishing Equipment

Have you ever gone to a fishing flea market? Fishing flea markets are held by Bass Clubs and Local Fisherman around the country as fundraisers and it gives them a venue to sell their old fishing equipment. But these fishing flea markets offer more, they offer what bass clubs used to have; camaraderie. You get to see a bunch of local anglers that you have lost touch with, you make some new friends and you get re energized about fishing. The whole experience is wonderful.

I was lucky enough to go to a local fishing flea market just this past weekend. I had a ton, I mean a ton of old tackle that I have collected over thirty plus years of bass fishing. I had simply run out of room for new tackle. It is pretty normal for a fishaholic to continue buying tackle even though they have more than you could ever use in a lifetime. I got there early to unload and set up my three tables of tackle I planned on selling. Once there I found that I had more tackle than I had space for, again pretty normal. I had priced my used tackle to sell, I probably sold a lot of items too cheap but I didn't want to pack up and haul home any remaining tackle.I also gave a lot of small fishing items to kids that attended the show with their families. It was great to see so many kids excited about fishing and the thoughts of fishing with my son or fishing with my dad as a kid crept into my mind. Pretty neat deal, again worth the price of admission. I sold or gave away all but one small box of crankbaits, lures which I didn't mind keeping any way. It was a successful event and I had a great time.

The bottom line is that I sold about $10, 000.00 worth of old fishing tackle for about $2, 000.00. Not a good day by many standards, but I argue that it was an awesome day over all. I got to talk to a bunch of old friends, made several new friends and talked fishing all day. We talked about fishing trips of the past and those we hope to have in the future. I saw the glimmer of excitement in the eyes of the kids that attended the flea market with their parents or grand parents. What a great family sport fishing is and not just when your out on the water fishing. So if you are looking for some the camaraderie and a great time overall, I suggest checking your area for a fishing flea market. It will re energize you and bring back the greatest memories of your fishing life. It did for me. 


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