Wednesday, March 7, 2012

The Potomac River is on Fire

The Potomac River is on fire, no it's not burning, but the bass fishing is red hot.  Early reports are that bass are being caught in large numbers and the larger fish are showing up shallow.  It is a great sign for the up coming season when the river is on fire early.

What is causing this to happen this year? Is it because of the mild winter that we have had most of the season? Maybe it's because we had very little high water on the Upper Potomac or it could be just one of the cycles that the river goes through from time to time. I believe that the fishing is already great because of all three reasons.

The first reason is a mild winter which allows the grass to stay healthy and has kept the water clear. When that happens, it creates habitat for the food source and gives the young of the year a chance to survive the winter months. All things that are great for the fishery.

The second reason is that the Upper Potomac to this point has not really flooded this winter. No flooding means that thousands of tons of sediment has not washed downstream to the Lower Potomac and a large amount of cold river water did not come with it. No sediment and no large amount of cold river means the water quality and clarity has remained constant. Water clarity allows sunlight for the grass to grow and the shallows to warm up. Again, great for the fishery.

The third and final reason is that the Potomac seems to be on the up tick, fishing has been good and heading toward great over the last couple of fishing seasons. There has been more larger fish being caught and the overall numbers appear to be on the increase. This is great for all the anglers that fish on the Potomac River.

Whatever the reason,  fishing appears to be great. When the fishing is this good, this early, there is only one thing to do; get out there and enjoy it. It's time to go fishing on the Lower Potomac, because the river is on fire.


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