Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Summer's Almost Over; Fishings Is About To Get Hot

Summer is almost over; the days are getting shorter, kids are back in school and cold fronts are starting to come through, but the fishing in our area is about to heat up. Every fall the fishing gets going in our region as the dog days of August disappear.

Fall has always been my favorite time of year to bass fish. All the tournaments trails are coming to a close, everyone has to fish hard to make the year end classics and the champions are crowned. A whole year of effort comes to a conclusion. Local fishing events like the Renegade Fall Tournament are held where you see all the same anglers year after year. It's just great to see everyone and the fishing is excellent.

Our local waters fire back up as summer passes and the fishing is just awesome. The Upper and Lower Potomac River get hot as the grass starts to die and the fish go to the hard cover for the season. That favorite red Bomber crackbait is the bait of choice on the Lower Potomac. Tubes and hair jigs are the go to lures on he Upper Potomac. Jerkbaits and crackbaits work on the local lakes such as Lake Anna, fish head to the creeks and the jig bite that will soon be in full swing as the cooler temperatures get colder each night. If we are lucky enough to get some rain this fall, the Susquehanna River gets really cranking, some of the best smallmouth bass fishing you will ever see. What's not to like about the fall fishing that is right in front of us.

I hate winter, short days and cold windy temperatures make it a long depressing time of year for many outdoorsman. I have only found one thing good thing about the end of summer and the thought that winter is on the way, fall fishing is here.and I look forward to it every year.

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