Thursday, February 28, 2013

Time to Go Fishing, Boat Ready?

The first of March is right around the corner. Days are getting longer and the temps are climbing, is your boat ready for spring? Now is the time to check over that fishing boat before your fishing buddies say let's go fishing Saturday.

If you did a good job of putting your boat away for winter, getting ready will be a snap. If you didn't, plan on spending a day to get your boat ready for the water. Getting ready is a hassle but getting to the water only to find that nothing on your boat works really stinks. First thing to do is to check the water in your batteries if accessible. Then charge your batteries, all of them. After the batteries are charged, check every electric component all the boat; pumps, lights, depth finders and trolling motor. If everything works great, if not fix it or start a list of items that you will need to continue. If you winterize your motor, all you will have to do is top off your tanks with some fresh the gas, hook up the water and pop it off. If you didn't you should take a fuel sample to check for phase separation and water. Then check you gear oil and change if necessary. Make sure it is pumping water and runs OK before heading to the water. Then check your trailer tire pressures, tires loose air while idle and this causes them to loose load capacity which could lead to tire failure. Also check your trailer lights as ground wires could have corroded over the winter. These are pretty easy items to check out yourself, if you don't feel comfortable doing them go to your local marine dealer.

Do these checks to your boat and you will be in pretty good shape when heading to the water. Then all you will need is your buddies to call, hey, let's go fishing on Saturday.

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